Tips On Sprucing Up Your Office Pantry and Break Room

The break room and the pantry are two of the most favorite places of employees in an office space. Why? Because these locations provide them the venue to take their minds off work and socialize with other over food. Sometimes, employees go to there to recharge and get some inspiration.

Given this space’s purpose, employers and company managers should take some time to design these spaces and make them better. If you think that your break rooms and office pantries are not up-to-date, here are some tips on how you can make it better:

  1. Make it more relaxing

The purpose of break rooms is for employees to take some breaks. So, putting work-related design accents will definitely leave a bad impression to employees. Experts in commercial interior design in Dubai suggest to tweak the design of these spaces and make it different from your usual office interiors. It would be best to put some elements that would help relax and soothe the minds of your hard working and exhausted employees. Some companies offer sleeping pods for quick naps.

  1. Make it look fun


Apart from making the space look relaxing, it should also inspire employee to have fun. Companies like Google provide different break rooms for employees to have some work enjoyment. They believe that when workers are having fun, their productivity levels improve immensely. Being an employee is tough, since they need to deal with work-related stress every day with little time to have some fun. Allow them that luxury by providing a well-designed break room that will bring out the kid in them.


  1. Pick a strategic location


The location of break rooms is crucial. For one, it should be placed in a location that is a little far from the bustling cubicles and work scene, but not too far that employee would have to walk for minutes to go back to their work and break their momentum. Be sure to find a place that would address both concerns.


  1. Consider the size of the space


This is important, especially if you have a lot of employees to accommodate. Be sure to pick a room that is large enough to house all your employees. Break rooms can also double as a gathering place for office parties and celebrations, so make sure there are facilities and amenities for such occasions like top quality kitchen cabinets in Dubai. Also, a large break room space allows employee more leg room to move around and socialize.