Tips for Using a Concrete Saw in a Safe Manner

Amid a rapid rise in the construction activities across the United Arab Emirates, including concrete cutting in Dubai, there has been a reported rise in the accidents relating to poor handling of the construction tools, including concrete saw. Each and every tool helps the constructors in a great way, provided they use it in an appropriate manner. They have to properly trained on how to handle these tools, otherwise the absence of knowledge and training may lead to hazardous injuries. Let’s take a look at the below-mentioned check-list to inspect the concrete saw before using it.

When it comes to concrete saw, you have to know about its various different parts so that you can easily inspect it before its usage. The first thing to do is to distort the pin hole. The next step is to check if the steel core of the blade is free of cracks. If blade has cracks, it means the blade is wearing out. Don’t use the blade with cracks or it will lead to an injury. Always make sure that the edge of the steel core is not discolored. If the tool is not properly cooled down, the edge of the steel core might show bluish discoloration which is a sign of oxidation and overheating.

You should always keep in mind that an uneven width is a result of undercutting, so make sure that the steel core is uniform before you put the concrete saw to use. Another thing to keep in mind before operating the concrete saw is the direction of rotation as the blades should be in line with the direction of the rotation. When it comes to diamond segments or rim of the concrete saw, there should never be any cracks on it, neither its parts should be missing. Using a concrete saw with missing parts poses high risk of accidents and injuries. Another imperative thing to inspect before using a concrete saw is that the blade should be in compliance with the concrete saw’s requirements or you will see an inefficient performance and possible damage to the tool itself.

There are many drilling companies in Dubai, which use the concrete cutting tools to go about their job. They have the properly-trained technicians who always take care of the tools including checking the maximum RPM of the concrete saw which should not exceed the number mentioned on it. If it exceeds the limit, it would result in rapid deterioration of the blade and poor performance of the tool.